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Yelagiri Hills and Resorts, Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu


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  • Yelagiri Hills
  • Punganoor Lake
  • Children's Park
  • Musical Fountain
  • Velavan Temple
  • Mini Zoo

  • Jalagamparai Falls
  • Shandy Market
  • Swamimalai Hills
  • Swamimalai Temple
  • Sericulture farm
  • Telescope House
  • Nilavoor Tribal Village
  • Mangalam Lotus Pond
  • Anjanaya Temple

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  • Vellore
  • Vellore fort
  • Muthu Mandapam
  • Jalagandeeswarar Temple
  • Government Museum
  • C.M.C.Hospital
  • Amirthi Forest
  • Virinijipuram
  • Padavedu
  • Thiruvallam
  • Vallimalai
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  • Vainu Poppu Solar Observatory
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    General information

    GPS coordinates : take off : 12°36'0" (12.6001)N; 78°38'24" (78.6401)E - Elevation : 1111 m.
    landing : 12°36'24" (12.6068)N; 78°36'28" (78.6079)E - Elevation : 414 m.
    Take off: Yelagiri launch site is 500m a.g.l & the ridge is 8kms long. Has launch sites for NW,SW & SE wind directions. Visit, for more info.
    Landing: Common designated for both NW & SW launch sites. LZ is located by the side of a large pond & very close to the Tourist park.
    Going There: Yelagiri is 160 km from Bangalore & 220 km from Chennai. National Highway number 7 (NH 7) connects Yelagiri with both the cities. Nearest railway station is Jolarpet junction. Both Chennai & Bangalore have good domestic connections and International airports.
    Comments: Excellent quality accomodation is available at Yelagiri ...from budget to luxury.
    While Govt. run YATRI NIVAS caters to the budget traveller, a host of private resorts with varying comfort levels/ tariffs can be chosen from.

    Weather hazards: SW(June,July,Aug) & NE(Dec,Jan) monsoon season to be avoided.
    Flight regulation: Rules set by YASA(YPC) must be followed.
    People to contact: Yelagiri paragliding club,which is part of Yelagiri Adventure sports association can be contacted prior to flying the site.Mr. Sudhakar Ph:+91 4179245333(Landline) +91 9786958374(Mobile)

    Paragliding in Yelagiri

    Located 14 Km from Ponneri on the Vaniyambadi-Tirupattur Road and situated midway between Chennai and Bangalore, Yelagiri Hills is a hill resort which is also known as the "Poor Man's Ooty", but not now. Thanks to a great team effort, by the Tourism Department, district administration, Yelagiri Adventure Sports Association (YASA), the Yelagiri Hills has emerged as the Paragliding hotspot in India. Until the other day, the scenic Yelagiri didnt have much to draw tourists except the boating experience in the stream and lake at the foothills. But today it has many attractions for tourists and the latest addition is paragliding.

    With its success a whole range of exciting adventure sports are in the offing at this once sleepy place. Three places have been earmarked for carrying adventure sports. They are Kottur, Muthanoor and Raneri. Para-gliding is slated to actively start from February 2009. You can expect all kinds of adventure sports like trekking, rock climbing and mountain biking in the hills of Yelagiri.

    The local people are very enthusiastic about all these. Seeing Para-gliders including women jump of the cliff with all their equipment makes them really jump up in excitement. The experienced pilots sailed in the sky for around two hours before they touched ground.

    The district administration has drawn an elaborate plan to boost Para-gliding as sports. The Local youths are to be selected and trained in Para-gliding.

    All this bodes well for the local hotels. Real estate prices are already on a high. The hoteliers now expect business the whole year. General tourists as well as adventure enthusiasts are now expected to make a beeline for this mini Hill Town.

    To further boost Para-gliding as sports, the district administration has drawn an elaborate plan. In the first phase 10 local youths would be selected and they would be sent for training in Para-gliding from an institute in Panchgani, Maharashtra.

    All this augurs well for the hotels located in this mini Hill station. Real estate prices are already high. "We had business only during the summer vacations or holidays, rest of the year were mainly lean, but all these looks set to change now", said the visibly happy proprietor of Hotel Hills a local hotel.

    With Yelagiri promising to be a major adventure sports destination, tourists with adventure streak are expected to make a beeline for Yelagiri.

    A paragliding pilot taking part in the Yelagiri paragliding festival organised by the Yelagiri Adventure Sports Association and the Department of Tourism, at Yelagiri Hills in Vellore district on Friday.

    Yelagiri (Vellore District): Para-gliding as adventure tourism has arrived in Tamil Nadu in all its splendour. A three-day paragliding festival began at this tourism destination on Friday. Forty-five para-gliders, including four women , from various parts of the country and abroad, who came with their equipment enthralled spectators with their jumping show.

    P.H.Gopal, a resident of Auroville, Puducherry, who is an instructor and pilot, said three places in Yelagiri Hills had been identified for organising the adventure sport - Kottur, Muthanoor and Raneri. Experienced pilots would hover over the sky for over two hours during the para-gliding, Mr Gopal said.

    C.Jayakrishnan, general secretary, Yelagiri Adventure Sports Association (YASA), organisers of the para-gliding festival, said full-fledged programme would begin from February next year. Those interested in participating in the adventure sport should register themselves as member of the YASA. Dharmendra Pratap Yadav, District Collector, Vellore, said it was for the first time an adventure sports event is being organised in the State. The district administration would select 10 youths from the mini hill station and send them for training in paragliding to an institute in Maharashtra. Apart from paragliding the association plans to organise trekking, rock climbing and mountain biking, Mr Jayakrishnan said. On Saturday after 11.30 a.m. due to poor wind conditions the gliders stopped the event. Around 1 p.m. when the wind conditions became conducive they jumped off the hill one by one.

    The participants have to trek at least one kilometre to reach the top. Each joyride will last for 15 to 20 minutes and the entry fee is Rs.1,000 per person. There is no age-limit for the participants. However, they should not be weak or obese, Mr. Jayakrishnan said.

    Besides establishing an adventure sports complex and amphitheatre in Yelagiri, TTDC has allocated Rs.11 crore for setting up new facilities such as a boat house in Nilavur and a travellersí bungalow. A nature park has been inaugurated while the existing boat house has been upgraded.

    Paragliding Events

    With the huge success of the Paragliding festival held in the month of September, the local hoteliers as well as the BDO office were upbeat about the tourism prospects of Yelagiri. With the recently concluded three day Paragliding festival from September 5th to 7th, the local hoteliers as well as the block development office seemed to be upbeat about the tourism prospects of this once "sleepy place".

    In the paragliding festival around 45 Para-gliders from around the world participated. Infact a whole range of adventure sports is in the offing at Yelagiri hills. Three places have been identified for conducting adventure sports namely Kottur, Muthanoor and Raneri. So apart from Para-gliding starting February 2009 you can expect full fledged trekking, rock climbing and mountain biking in the hills of Yelagiri.

    Yelagiri Paragliding Festival

    Yelagiri Paragliding Club is inaugurating its activities by hosting the first ever international festival on 5th, 6th, 7th of September 2008. The event will see pilots, instructors and their students, the media from India and abroad come together for three days of fun. With flying pilots and sponsors, Yelagiri could not have hoped for a healthier way to "kick start" paragliding on its majestic slopes.


    YASA is happy to announce again that a paragliding festival is happening on the 11,12 and 13 september. With the success of last years festival hopefully some more pilots make their way to Yelaigiri and join the flying fun for 3 days. Bookings for participation end on the 30 august so hurry up and call or write today.

    In the month of June 2009 YASA has authorized Temple Pilots a certified school in paragliding training to start paragliding training and tandem

    Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation(TTDC) in Yelagiri

    According to a PTI report, with an aim to give a fillip to Adventure Tourism and attract more domestic and foreign tourists, the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) will launch an adventure water sports park in Chennai this year. Dr Achittaranjan Mohandoss, Managing Director, TTDC said, "TTDC has also planned to launch other adventure sports activities like hot air ballooning, kitesurfing and scuba diving at various places in the state by June 2010, to promote Tamil Nadu an adventure sport destination." He mentioned that a private operator Rohini Group has been granted permission to operate adventure sports at Island grounds and Mudaliarkuppam.

    Mohandoss added, "We have also launched a trekking tourism package tour to Shervayran Hills, aimed at providing an opportunity for youths to enjoy nature. The trekkers will be provided lodging at Yercaud. They will also be taken to Killiyur Falls, the horticulture department park and then to Shervarayan Temple, besides a boat ride."

    Tamil Nadu eco-tourism department organizes trekking expedition (Yelagiri)

    The Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) has organised a trekking expedition to bust stress and promote physical fitness here.

    According to Ravi, the manager of TTDC, the trekking programme is an opportunity for the general public, corporates, school and college students to reduce stress and experience the beauty of nature.

    The trekking tour will cost a person about rupees 2,000.

    "We found out that people have to exercise as the level of stress in their lives due to work load. Therefore, TTDC wanted to initiate this programme and we found out this place, which is perfect for trekking. So, instead of going elsewhere and exercising, we walk along with other. People will also enjoy trekking along with nature," he said.

    He added that expedition programmes like these should be organized frequently, which will encourage preservation of nature and physical fitness among the youths.

    The trekking enthusiasts feel themselves closer to nature and take it as a wonderful opportunity to explore the beauty of the state.

    "This trek was absolutely thrilling and super cool. All of us should try to do this at least once a week. It is very healthy for us and keeps us fit and fine," said Shivani, a trekking enthusiast.

    Similar trekking tours are being organized to Amirthi forests, Yelagiri and Kolli hills to promote tourism in the state.

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    Other Contact Us

    Tourist Information Center Officer
    G. Sudhakar, B.A.,
    # Kottaiyor Bus Stop
    Yelagiri Hills - 635 853. Vlr. Dt. T.N.
    Tel: +91 4179 295101
    Mobile: +91 9786958374, +91 9486328778

    Yelagiri of India - brought to you by
    Photo by : mandhee padam in Flickr
    Yelagiri of India - brought to you by
    Photo by : mandhee padam in Flickr

    Yelagiri of India - brought to you by
    Photo by : mandhee padam in Flickr
    Yelagiri of India - brought to you by
    Photo by : mandhee padam in Flickr

    Yelagiri of India - brought to you by
    Photo by : senthilvasanm in Flickr
    Yelagiri of India - brought to you by
    Photo by : mandhee padam in Flickr

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